Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Good Old Duck Days

I have many posts to catch up on, and perhaps tonight is the night when I will finally do that, but what I am about to post for you now is so positively delightful it couldn't wait for one more second. Not one more I tell you.

Now I should preface this by saying, it is probably only delightful to you if your name is Quinn, or was at one time.

Last night I found several old Family Game Night performances from Duck Beach. If you are a reader unfamiliar with QFGN, well, I assure you that you should invite yourself to one immediately. I will also tell you that it involves less "games" and more performances. And I will also tell you that said performances involve ZERO, maybe even sub-zero talent. But plenty of heart. Not a songbird amongst us.

A little context.

The first video clip is my sister Kristin. The task was for each member of the family to write a blog post for my parents who were in Australia so that they could feel like they were with us. My thought was that each person might share a story or an activity they enjoyed. You'll see what matters most to Kristin soon. And whether you get that level of hilarity or not, if you don't laugh along with this video, something is SERIOUSLY wrong with you. I'm not even kidding...you're ill.

The second video is Travis' blog post. The context needed here is that Abram (my brother in law) is called The Sand Warrior at Duck beach for his great horse shoe prowess. A game my brothers were only just introduced to apparently.

The final one combines the skill and wit of both Travis and Kristin with the added bonus of my 1/160 Native American sister in law Lisa. They were supposed to come up with a song about the stuff they liked best at Duck Beach that week. I especially like the clever choreography, the set up, and the, er, politically correct platform.


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