Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random musings

I'm home. Or, at least back in Michigan. Hard to really know where home is these days. I always have a suitcase in hand, and I'm always packing and unpacking, and truth be told---I never have that feeling like "I'm going home" anywhere I go. Is this good? bad? I don't know- the jury's still out.

Speaking of which, I have my first every jury duty tomorrow. Obviously I'm thrilled. So thrilled that I am trying to come up with creative ways to NOT be selected. Like answering all their questions with questions...or crazy answers. Example:

Lawyer: Have you ever been asked to be a juror?
Me: Have you?

Lawyer: How do you feel about the death sentence.
Me: I hear hot sauce is great on watermelon.

I'll let you know how it goes. And if this brilliant tactic works---or if I end up getting carted off to the loony bin. Either way, I figure it will make good blogging material. Do they let you have a computer to blog in a loony bin?

The most interesting thing that happened today (speaking of loony) was walking back towards my sister's bedroom and discovering Keely (niece-4.5 yrs) and Max (nephew - 3 yrs) creating art out of my sister's, maxi-pads.

Well, they were actually the mini-pads. When I stumbled upon them and said, "OHHHHH you two are busted." Keely jumped up and in complete self-preservation mode said, "It was Max's idea." Kind of makes sense that it would be, since there could be a potential name-link (Max-i pad) and thus a draw for him. Anyway, they had peeled off hundreds of backings and made sculptures out of them as well as (and this is truly clever) shoes for Max. It was really so brilliant and clever I had to applaud them, and send them to give their creations as gifts to Kristin. I mean, technically she owned them already, but possesion is 9/10 of ownership or something like that. Which I will remember in court tomorrow if necessary.

I believe Kristin is planning to blog about this with pictures, so you can see her blog for more details. It did remind me of one reason why I am thrilled to be back. No one in Utah ever made stuff out of sanitary napkins. Let the good times roll.


Gary said...


Welcome home! I thought the picture of the Maxi Pad was especially welcoming to readers. Nothing says "welcome to my blog" like a feminine hygiene product.

I am curious, why do you think it is easier for some people to find a mate/date than others. A few of my singel friends/co-workers tell me how hard it is to find a date in A2 and yet, a neighbor's adult daughter just moved to town (and in with her parents) and is dating up a storm. She is an average looking lady so it is not looks. Another co-worker told me she was at a wedding this weekend where the bride was 350lbs so it is not about weight. Is it hard for some to date because of standards? Effort? Marketing? Desire? What do you think?

Delsa said...

I find it amazing that you are always the one to find various children in all sorts of "mischief". I was wondering if you could be the instigator?
That was pretty creative however. Maybe next time I get bored. Oh, never mind, I forgot I am past that stage.


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